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Collectibles > Figurines
LladroLithophane Votive Light - OM Figurine61400
LaliqueAngel Fish Figurine - Golden Red65500
LaliqueAngel Fish Figurine - Turquoise65950
LaliqueAngel Fish Figurine - Clear65950
LaliqueAngel Fish Figurine - Gold65950
LladroManeki Neko Black Cat Figurine90950
LladroAngel Praying97300
NAOTinkerbell Figurine111850
NAOCinderella Figurine114100
NAOSnow White Figurine116400
Lladro"An Angel's Wish" Figurine123200
LaliqueTwo Lovebirds Figurine125500
NAOBelle Figurine127750
LladroBaby Elephant with Pink Flower Figurine127750
Lladro"My Sweet Princess" Figurine132300
LladroCouple of Doves Figurine136850
LladroA New Treasure Boy Figurine144100
LladroIngenue Glazed Porcelain Figurine145050
SwarovskiNutcracker Crystal Figurine158650
Lladro"Blossoms For The Kitten" Figurine170950
LladroEndless Love Figurine179100
LladroDancer Glazed Porcelain Figurine185500
Lladro"Goodnight My Angel" Figurine203650
LladroA Mother's Embrace Figurine211850
Lladro"Wonderful Mother" Figurine220950
LladroTogether Forever Figurine236850
LladroSomeone To Look Up To Figurine259550
Lladro"For A Special Someone" Figurine277300
LladroButterfly Treasures Figurine298200
LladroEverlasting Love Figurine302750
LladroAt The Ball Figurine306850
Lladro"A Flower's Whisper" Figurine319550
LladroHappy Anniversary Figurine320950
LladroWonderful Angel Figurine357300
LaliqueKazak Horse Clear Figurine406850
Lladro"You're Everything to Me" Figurine492300
LaliqueToad Gregoire Sculpture - Gold Lustre557300
LaliqueSmall Buddha Figurine - Clear690050
LaliqueSmall Buddha Figurine - Amber914600

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