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DVD (03-1980)
Curb Your Enthusiasm DVD - Season 5
23,650 Points

Blu-Ray (16-583)
Earth: The Biography Blu-ray Disc™
23,650 Points

DVD (16-640)
Sex & The City: The Movie Blu-ray Disc™
21,850 Points

DVD (03-7978)
Valentine's Day Blu-ray Disc™
17,300 Points

DVD (03-1982)
John Adams DVD Set - Widescreen
32,750 Points

DVD (16-589)
The Office DVD - Season 3
28,200 Points

DVD (16-632)
Airplane: Don't Call Me Shirley! Edition DVD
11,400 Points

DVD (03-7976)
PBS The National Parks: America's Best Idea Blu-ray Disc™
67,750 Points

DVD (03-7980)
Slumdog Millionaire DVD
19,100 Points

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