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Shinola (15-7458)
38mm Vinton Watch - White/Stainless
328,650 Points

Shinola (01-20548)
Little Birdy Wallet Crossbody - Tan
144,100 Points

Shinola (15-5963)
Ladies' Runwell 41mm Watch with Brown Leather Band and White Dial
281,850 Points

Shinola (15-8309)
Canfield Sport 40mm Stainless Steel Watch with Black Dial
602,300 Points

Shinola (15-7192)
Runwell 47mm Chronograph with Silver Dial and Cattail Brown Leather Strap
374,100 Points

Shinola (15-7457)
45mm Canfield Sport Watch - White/Bourbon
465,050 Points

Shinola (01-20550)
Tech Portfolio Case Vachetta - Tan
203,650 Points

Shinola (15-7453)
47mm Runwell Watch - Green/Tan
281,850 Points

Shinola (15-8621)
43MM Lake Superior Monster Automatic Watch
765,500 Points

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