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kate spade (06-5293)
Disco Pansy Jewelry Set with Earrings and Mini Pendant
65,950 Points

Swarovski (06-5751)
Hyperbola Set - Rose Gold-Tone
95,050 Points

Swarovski (06-5629)
Rhodium Mesmera Set
98,200 Points

Fifth and Fine (06-3261)
14-Karat Yellow Gold Round Pendant .50-Carat Diamond & Round Stud Earrings
1,446,400 Points

Coach (06-5716)
Stone Heart Gold-Tone Pendant and Earring Set
72,750 Points

kate spade (06-5380)
Disco Pansy Mini Pendant and Earrings
61,400 Points

Gucci (06-5509)
Trademark Engraved Heart Jewelry Set
355,500 Points

John Medeiros (06-5549)
Diamante Circle with Pave Link Y-Necklace and Three Link Pave Earrings
188,200 Points

Swarovski (06-5679)
Millenia Set
98,200 Points

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