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Collectibles > Figurines

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Lalique (10-364)
Angel Fish Figurine - Turquoise
59,550 Points

Lladro (10-357)
"Blossoms For The Kitten" Figurine
152,750 Points

Lalique (04-2514)
Small Buddha Figurine - Amber
816,850 Points

Lladro (04-4983)
Sun Girl Figurine
111,850 Points

Lladro (10-248)
"Butterfly Treasures" Figurine
266,400 Points

Lladro (04-4134)
"Goodnight My Angel" Figurine
182,300 Points

Lladro (10-274)
"You're Everything to Me" Figurine
441,400 Points

Lladro (10-245)
"Someone To Look Up To" Figurine
232,300 Points

Lladro (10-368)
"A Flower's Whisper" Figurine
286,850 Points

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