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Lladro (04-4138)
"My Sweet Princess" Figurine
118,650 Points

Lladro (04-4135)
"Soothing Lullaby" Figurine
270,950 Points

Lladro (10-250)
"Together Forever" Figurine
214,100 Points

Swarovski (01-8159)
Nutcracker Crystal Figurine
155,050 Points

Fazzino (10-221)
Disney® Drive-In Deluxe Edition - Framed
1,219,150 Points

Lladro (10-241)
Angel Praying
89,100 Points

Lladro (04-4980)
Maneki Neko Black Cat Figurine
82,300 Points

Lalique (04-2527)
Small Sitting Tiger Figurine
269,100 Points

Lalique (01-8775)
Angel Fish Figurine - Golden Red
59,550 Points

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