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Gucci (15-7201)
G Timeless Watc with Snake Dial
490,950 Points

Gucci (15-5268)
Men's GG2570 Stainless Steel Watch with Black Dial
472,750 Points

Gucci (15-7574)
Ladies' Steel Bracelet Watch with Silver Dial and Feline Motif
445,500 Points

Gucci (15-5271)
Ladies' GG2570 Small Stainless Steel Watch with Diamond Accents
554,600 Points

Gucci (15-7576)
Ladies' Two-Tone Silver Dial Watch
490,950 Points

Gucci (15-6784)
Unisex Le Marche Des Merveilles Watch
421,400 Points

Gucci (15-7186)
Men's G-Timeless Stainless Steel Watch with Black Dial and Bees
942,750 Points

Gucci (15-4026)
Men's G Chronograph New XL Watch
839,600 Points

Gucci (15-5090)
Men's GG2570 Collection Blue and Red Nylon Large Watch with Navy Dial
444,100 Points

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