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LALI (06-3763)
14-Karat Yellow Gold Freshwater Pearl Necklace
155,050 Points

John Medeiros (06-4369)
Beijos Cubic Zirconia Single Stone Necklace - Amethyst
76,850 Points

Swarovski (06-5594)
Bella V-Drop Earrings - Gold-Tone
53,200 Points

LALI (06-3171)
14-Karat White Gold Amethyst Earring
108,650 Points

Nadri (06-5685)
5-CTW Cubic Zirconia Modern Love Stud Earrings - Silver Tone
30,050 Points

Ippolita (06-5762)
Classico Hammered Bangle
122,300 Points

Ippolita (06-5706)
Hammered Jet Set Earrings - Chimera
466,850 Points

Swarovski (06-5752)
Mesmera Set - Rose Gold-Tone
122,300 Points

LALI (06-5608)
14-Karat Yellow Gold White Fresh Water Pearl Earring
108,200 Points

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